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Alone with God quotes

Quotes from my recent reading of Alone with God by Wurmbrand:

"They hoped to become happier through this, but they have only become busier." page 57

"An ancient sage sent his son to a Bible teacher. When the boy returned, the father asked him, "What did you learn?" The son told him all the subject matter. "This is nothing," the father replied. "Go and learn more." The son returned one year later. This time he boasted of having learned other disciplines. The father sent him back a second time. When the son returned again, his face shone. The father embraced him. "You knew theology before. Now you know God." page 50

"One day of being with Him is worth a lifetime of knowledge about Him..." page 20

"I will know "that Holy One"; whether this happens in prison or in the bosom of my family will make no difference. Amen." page 21

"Materialists do not love matter. They have no sense of its "earnest expectation" (Romans 8:19)...Listen! Maybe I will hear the ringing of church bells outside. It is a Sunday morning. Through bells, men have made brass express adoration for God. Materialists cannot make matter radiate the praises of atheism, of the nonexistence of God." page 34

"Christians simply love and shine...The Christian is engaged in warfare as long as he lives on this earth. But his role can be compared to that of a military physician. He has to give medicine and comfort to the wounded on both sides." 41

"A man described in words is not the real man, any more than a God described in words is the real God." 65
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