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Quotes from Notes on Spain

Quotes from my recent reading of Notes on Spain and the Spaniards by Pettigrew:

"...the mate and myself discussed radishes, until about noon..." page 28

"In vain many other nations of Europe erect splendid monuments, and surround themselves with all the luxury of boundless wealth. The shores of the Mediterranean, even in their desolation, possess a hidden and irresistible attraction, which will outweigh all their magnificence." page 22

"Shall I be ashamed to confess that we spent the day seated upon the sea-wall, our legs dangling over the side, and our whole selves revelling in the dolce far niente [pleasant idleness, lit. 'sweet doing nothing']?" page 23

"A little child of four years of age, tearfully attempted to arouse her, until convinced by a kind-hearted sailor that it was not death, when the confiding innocent, seemingly relieved, lay beside her and slept." page 27

"I have frequently been asked why I did not live in Washington. Charming idea, certainly!" [He did live in DC for a short time after graduating from university.] page 32

"It was a place to bow down and worship in sincere abasement, the Creator who made them [the Alps] and us alike." page 37

"Now, all is formal and ceremonious. The fact is probably true, but it is in the nature of our modern civilization." page 41

"I...would have willingly spent the day upon the rock, watching the shadows of the clouds as they floated slowly over the landscape." page 47
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