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Unlike the past week or two, it's a cool evening in DC tonight. I'm sitting at the not-quite-round wooden table in the center of my living room sipping at a coke and catching up on email before the big weekend. My bus is schedule to leave at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. Since it's the first of the month, I have a few mandatory reports that need to be run in the morning before heading out. I still have to decide which books I'll pack for the trip. Last time, I carefully selected three books and spent nearly the entire ride looking out the window :)

I got poking around into the history of the 131st PA again today and it served as a nice contrast to the reading that I've been doing about General Pettigrew's NC brigade. I think I'm going to have far too much fun with the reenactors on Friday. I'm writing out a list of questions to ask them, but in the end, I think I'd most enjoy sitting on the grass while listening to their interactions with the other folks. Question: do I wear my straw hat or my kepi?
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