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Moss Agate

Here's my Moss Agate Post of the Day^^
I have a link to a mineral quiz and a short word or so about my results ^__^

I love rocks and minerals..I could study them all day! Now I feel like going to a natural science museum!! Maturin-sensei, teach me!!

You are moss agate. Your personality is as detailed
and complex as this stone. It is important for
moss agates to look at their personalities
every once in a while, because they shall find
the answers to many questions they have been
asking inside themselves. Moss agates also love
nature, as a little of it will always be inside

Which gemstone, rock, or mineral are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I see this stone as a picture of the beauty of this world..a small reminder that creation is lovely even though life can be so painful and confusing. It is a microchosm - a reminder - of more glorious and pure things!

I like this stone so much and I feel that it really is me. I got a moss agate stone-nugget bracelet for Christmas and it is so unique and lovely! I like the clear colored stones with the dendritic-mossy growths best^^ And I have mentioned it before, but I still think it is odd that they say Moss agate is especially for ppl with the name Maragaret (Megan, my name, is a form of that name^^).

Tags: names, stones, student of creation

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