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Activity Inventory and Goal Setting

1. Activity Inventory
Step 1. List activities which I've done within the past two years.
Step 2. Cross off items that I no longer actively pursue.
Step 3. Italicize items that I may remove from the list soon.
Step 4. Review items that remain on the list.


Sensory, Physical Activities

Making lj icons
Taking, uploading, and posting photos
Drawing manga
Digitally coloring old black and white prints
Searching for new Titanic photographs at LOC and in local period newspapers
Studying old photographs and discussing them with historians
Shopping for posters for my cubical
Searching for high quality images of Biblical paintings and prints
Making large batches of icons from LOC digital image collections

Playing the mandolin
Listening to the FM radio
Listening to music on my computer
Organizing my playlist and album covers
Listening to the amateur radio
Listening to hockey games on the radio
Attending concerts
Listening to CDs at work
Traveling to many stores to look at musical instruments

Watching movies
Watching ice hockey games on TV
Checking hockey scores, news, blogs, and videos online
Searching for ways to share season tickets with someone else

Working out at the gym with my coworker
Walking exercise
Learning how to sail on Wednesday evenings
Volunteering as a deckhand on charter sails
Assisting during sailing races
Assisting with boat maintenance
Sailing in Annapolis with a friend

Social, Literary Activities

Attending church
Visiting friends
Traveling home for the weekend
Talking, texting on the phone
Writing email
Posting on lj
Replying to friends' comments
Handwriting letters/cards
Editing documents for friends
Updating existing web pages
Writing stories
Sending CW on the air
Handwriting letters in braille
Writing and editing braille course lessons
Designing new web pages
Participating in Public Service Events
Posting on other message boards, social networking sites
Writing to historians
Writing to O&M professionals

Reading friends' posts on lj
Reading history books
Reading Christian living books
Reading the Bible
Reading email devotionals
Reading novels
Reading books in braille
Reading articles about braille
Reading articles about amateur radio
Reading listservs on various topics

Transcribing crew lists
Transcribing ship lists

Mental, Problem-Solving Activities

Researching and studying Scripture
Researching passenger ships history (19th century packet ships, Titanic's Deck Dept)
Researching local maritime history (schooners, Potomac River)
Researching family history (Northern PA)
Researching Civil War history (female telegraphers, Gen. Pettigrew, Pvt George B Wolf)
Attending braille conferences
Taking basic lessons in white cane travel
Taking lessons in web metrics
Studying and designing antennas
Studying the Tabernacle
Studying the period of the Kings of Judah during the Divided Kingdom

Memorizing Scripture
Practicing CW
Hebrew vocabulary and grammar
Spanish vocabulary and grammar

Learning American Morse Code

Restocking the books at church
Setting up the amateur radio

Household Activities

Finances, Paperwork

I am not sure what to do about foreign language study and ship list transcribing... I think I will need to pray about these.


2. Goal Orientation
Step 1. Identify significant projects/activities from the inventory.
Step 2. List the former and future goals associated with each.


Initial goal: To learn how to use CW
Evolved goal: To be a proficient CW op who will carry on the tradition of CW in this generation
Final goal: To know how to use CW and to be able to operate it on the air, if required

Initial goal: To learn how to use braille
Evolved goal: To volunteer as a braille transcriber and possibly change my career someday
Final goal: To know how to read/write braille and to teach others the basics if anybody is interested

Initial goal: Enjoy watching ice hockey
Evolved goal: To be a loyal Capitals fan
Final goal: To enjoy hockey games once in a while for fun

Initial goal: Make my own web pages
Evolved goal: To be a web designer
Final goal: To know how to create websites in order to work on them as needed

Initial goal: To be a professional sailor
Developed goal: same
Final goal: To know how to work as a deckhand to satisfy my curiosity

As I made this list, I saw how I was looking for identity in these things. I wanted to say things like: "My name is Megan. I'm a CW operator." It reminds me of how the Japanese, when introducing themselves, will say, "I am Megan of the Library." Their identity is very closely entwined with their work, or at least the language would suggest this to be the case. Instead I now want to say things like: "My name is Megan. I'm interested in things like CW, etc." I want to rest my identity and sense of value in Christ where it will be eternally safe and unfailing.


3. Goal Establishment
Step 1. List current goal(s).


I need a framework of values in order to set priorities on all these activities. This framework could be a daily to do list, but I was never happy operating under a schedule that strict. My curiosity grows immediately frustrated. On the other hand, the framework could be very loose with only a grand goal at the end: to become a braille transcriber someday within the next few years. However, since I am not sure where God wants to lead me over the next few years, I don't think this is a good framework to operate under, either. Instead, I'm going to try operating under a different sort of framework. It is three-fold and could apply to everyday:

To thrive in prayer
To worship God through caring interactions with others around me
To memorize the short Bible passages listed in the weekly VOM email

I think this may give me just enough specifics, without the timeline, so I can enjoy these activities and grow in them.


4. Activity Frequency Chart
Step 1. List daily activities.
Step 2. List weekly activities.
Step 3. List monthly activities.
Step 4. List as needed activities.


The purpose of this list is to identify which activities I need to keep on the tip of my mind more so than others so I'm not thinking about all of them all the time.

Read Bible
Work Monday-Friday

Attend church
Talk to family on the phone
Write lj entries
Listen to radio/music
Read friend's lj posts
Reply to friend's comments
Read and write email
Do laundry, cooking, dishes, garbage
Memorize passages from VOM emails
Play mandolin
Update STS website

Read history books, Christian living books
Write handwritten letters
Visit friends
Restock church books
Take, upload photos
Make new lj icons
Travel home
Clean house, do paperwork, go shopping

As needed
Watch hockey games on TV
Work out at gym with coworker
Watch movies
Update home church website
Edit friend's documents
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