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Images of the world on my mind...

Well, the moss agate is getting to me and making me sit and think about all the wondersof this natural world. I am by no means an environmentalist, but I do have an appriciation for art in the natural world:

---I haven't seen a beautiful sunset in a while. My favorite are the kind when there are lots of storm clouds in the sky, dark and white and swollen with rain, and they break the sunlight into rays. also, I love watching storms build and pass. The clouds grow quickly and grow large with the Western winds from Ohio. The air gets a certain feel to it and you know that it will rain. Then the wind picks up.

---Ah the wind. Kaze. I love the wind most of all the elements!! I also love the sea on a wet and windy day^^ ahhh the sea! I guess I am like an Elf - once I have heard the cry of the gulls, I cannot turn back from the seas...but

if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me..What ship would bear me ever back accross so wide a sea..

I wish I could sail to Valinor! For, after being raised o the Silmarillion, I want nothing less than to exist in a shining realm of Valar (gods) while the two trees still grew and bore silver and golden fruit under the eternal stars. That is "my" ideal realm.

What's yours?
Tags: art, creation, demigirl, purity, scene

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