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In Layer

Some activities are time- and energy-consuming with minimal benefit. Why do I continue in them? They are static on the airwaves, QRM (man-made interference), and the choking weeds (Matthew 13:22). It's time to free myself from all that entangles and ensnares (Hebrews 12:1) so I can run this life freely with as much joy and peace as possible.

Data drilling, data mining, information architecture, information gap bridging. These are some of the things that I do on a daily basis. In practical terms, I see a lot of textual data (50,000+ rows is not uncommon) and new baffling issues on a weekly basis. Analytical investigating, systematic testing, clear explanations, and the qualities of accuracy, precision, and caution are required.

I keep falling for that old trap, "If only..." I need to remember the counter-rule, "Even though..."

My mind keeps wrapping itself around things like these and gripping fast: "If only I could move to a new state... If only I were not so timid (Ez 3:18)... If only I had a job that I wasn't so exhausted by... If only I knew what it is that I should be focusing my energy on these days... If only. If only." Wanting something more makes me unhappy and unsatisfied. Now, sometimes this dissatisfaction is a sign that God is preparing me to move on or encouraging me to pray for certain things. On the other hand, sometimes it is just plain old grumpiness. I need to learn to complain less and bear up patiently. My Father knows what is going on. "Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands!" Nehemiah 6:9
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