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Vala All the Way

My Tolkein hero would have to be one of the ancient elves. Maybe Fingolfin...he fought one on one with Morgoth valiantly but was slain. Or maybe Earendil! What could be more awesome and Valar-like than sailing away with a Silmaril bound upon his brow XDXD

Yeah, that ends it.
I wish I were born of Cuivienen or a Maia of the ancient realms of the Silmarillion and taken to the side of a fair high elf like those guys ^____^

*Megan dreams*

A quiz from a friend's sight which further prooves that I am of the Vala^^ lol!! Or I would like to be^^

You are a gift of the Valar.
What LotR Mary Sue cliche are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
Tags: aromantic, elvish, injury, me, purity, single, vala

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