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Questions on Comm, Self, Perspective

In response to olifhar's post here: questions about communication, being, perspective, identity

What part of being with people you like do you enjoy the most?
They make me feel perfectly comfortable. I don't feel like I need to do or not do anything. I can kick my feet up on the couch without even thinking.

What makes you feel loved?
Honest kind words, sweet thoughtfulness, little pleasantries such as cake and smiles.

How do you best receive others' love and concern for you?
I best receive when I am in a spirit of receiving - when I appreciate every blessing. Otherwise, I'm blind to gratitude and shove her out of the way to chase after my burdens.

What kind of experiences are easier for you to enjoy alone?
When I am in the presence of someone/something that I really respect, admiring the awesome beauty of nature, or rooting around through fascinating primary sources.

What about your experience do other people just not *get*?
My need to devote myself fully to whatever it is that I am doing.

Which do you remember more vividly: your dreams or your daydreams?
At the time, my daydreams are more vivid; over time, certain dreams prove to be much more vivid.

If you read fiction, do you visualize the what's going on? Do you see the faces of characters?
Not exactly. Instead of visualizing the physical, I visualize the atmosphere. I guess I could compare it to a theatrical play. Rather than focusing on the actor's faces, I'm soaking in the tone of their voice, the tint of the lighting, and the tension between the characters. Or, I could compare it to art. My dreams are not comparable to a finished animation cell that has solid lines or perfectly filled color. They are instead comparable to sketches in that they capture movement, emotion, and the unembodied aspects of a character.

What aspects of dreams (events, colors, shapes, emotional sensations, plots) of dreams do you recall most readily?
Ditto - ties, pressures, moods, etc.

What aspects of your distant memories do you tend to recall most readily or vividly (when they come to you)?

Do you have a strong image of the kind of person you are?
It used to be an evolving image, but now it is a growing awareness.

Do you have a strong image (positive or negative) of the kind of person something makes you think you should be?
Likewise, it's a growing understanding. But I have peace in knowing who I am becoming this kind of person by the Holy Spirit.

Do you enjoy keeping secrets?
Not at all. I hate it.

Does talk about everyday things usually strike you as superficial, or pleasant?
If this talk is initiated due to awkwardness or fear, then it is not entirely pleasant, because it is not heartfelt. If if is initiated due to a real love of the weather outside or wonder at the little things, then this is very pleasant.
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