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Today: woke up lazily around 10 am, prayed, cleaned downstairs, cooked lunch and dinner, washed dishes, memorized one Bible verse associated with a new prayer request, did 3 loads of laundry, organized my desk upstairs, posted 2 lj entries I've been meaning to get online, studied Russian pronunciation here, wrote a draft of a letter to a brother overseas, played the mandolin, got tired at 11 pm and went to bed.

I've been trying to account for my time more effectively, and today I felt quite content with what was accomplished. (I do admit, that I am still behind on responding to 2 or 3 emails...oops!) May God continue to be the Master of my life and help me to dust away all the things that needlessly weigh me down and eat up my time. I must say, activities like cleaning my house and exercising the spiritual gift of encouragement make me feel so much more satisfied than the job that is listed on my resume.
Tags: chores, daily, food, language, mail, prayer, revelation, russian, weekend

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