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Weekends are so nice...

Hooray it is the weekend!

Today was soo lazy. My boss at the museum was more worried about his article than his work so we did research today!! I found out about the history of Mr. Datesman of West Milton - which is much more amusing than telephoning board members to remind them of a meeting - let alone sitting in a committee meeting >.< I hate meetings!!

In another week, I will be headed back to Gettyburg College! Hard to believe. I have to get all my textbooks at some point: japanese language and art history! Yay! And then I will have the late night/early morning hours to study Quenya again! I miss having that at home everyone is in bed by 11:30 ... ;_; ....

I got my new glasses today and I can see again!! waiiii!

And I have just one question: Why is everyone sick? I am trying my best to avoid it!! *hides*

That's the only news from here - that and I am bored - lol. I love being at home but I kinda miss my computer at college! Ok, I miss it alot! I don't miss writing papers though. I hate writing papers. I wish I could just learn by memorization and lecture but papers are fun.

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