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Morning Thunderstorm

My alarm went off at 6 am. Not yet ready to surrender myself to the day, I burrowed back into my pillow. Soft beams of yellow sunlight were beginning to lighten the wall around the windows. At 7:10, I reluctantly got up with a sigh.'s...dark..?

I got up and went to the window. The sky was pitch black beyond the neighbor's white and mint brick houses. Dark clouds rolled overhead as though a shower were passing through the middle of the night. Not long after this, thunder began to rumble and roll through the sky. Lightning flashed and lit up the air. I turned on the hall light to keep from tripping down the stairs, and the brilliance of it hurt my eyes at first. Eyes adjusted and ears listening to the ever-nearing thunder, I headed downstairs to eat a bagel and enjoy the morning thunderstorm. The rain poured down something fierce. It turned my black iron gate into a beautiful water fountain. Raindrops splished and splashed their way down the weaving pattern like a tiny waterfall.

Some folks at work said that they expected to see a tornado. Others were caught in the downpour in the midst of their commute without umbrellas. Others were underground and missed it completely. I wish that I could have sat and enjoyed the storm all morning.
Tags: creation, food

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