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Splurge...on Bibles!

As a gift to myself, I bought a facsimile of Tyndale's translation of the New Testament. I just finished reading How We Got the Bible by Lightfoot and I was intrigued by the story of the translation of the Bible into English. It gave me a much greater appreciation for the blessing of having the Bible in my native tongue. And when I found out that they sell versions of these early English Bibles, I decided that I simply must order one. I believe that the Geneva Bible will be added to my Christmas list :3 I read Psalm 1 today and am praying to be filled with a love for God's word. I thank the Lord that He has begun to stir in me a hunger for His truth again this year!

Reflecting on Bibles that I've owned...

Adventure Bible: one Easter, my brother and I each received a nice youngster's NIV Bible with colorful chapter tabs. They have all kinds of handy little notes, drawings, and lists that I wish were in my current Bible :)

Black NKJV: Was it before going to Croatia that my parents got me this one? It holds a dear place in my heart because it was the Bible that I dove into during my senior year of college.

Little green New Testament: The Gideons were on campus one day and unlike the other students, I walked towards the kind person to take a free New Testament. A few years later, I studied and memorized Psalms from this during the quiet time before any of my other classmates arrived in Chinese Language class or Japanese Theatre class.

Japanese Bible: During the years when I was studying Japanese, I asked my parents if they sell Japanese Bibles. Next thing I know, I have a copy! :) Unfortunately, my Japanese skills are pretty weak. This Bible is back at home in PA.

Black NIV: Similar in size, weight, and character to my older NKJV, I bought this at the University of Maryland bookstore for Bible study with UBF. I didn't have an NIV Bible with me at the time.

Hardcover NKJV Study Bible: I borrowed this from a friend, but never returned it...oops! I really should try to do that, or else pass it along to a friend and share the love.

Blue leather NKJV Study Bible: My warhorse. It was a blessed Christmas present in 2006 and has been my primary Bible since then :) My fondest memory with it was at the winter Bible conference in Jan 2007. I sat in a wooden cabin alone in the lamplight reading the prayer of the dedication of the temple. It was then that I read the words, "that He may incline our hearts to Himself". This has become my life-long prayer. Recently, I've been reading Ezekiel from this Bible.

Pocket Burgundy NKJV: I picked this up somewhere along the line because I wanted something that was more portable. Today it can usually be found in one of two places: my desk at work or in my purse. I think the most recent book that I read from this was Ruth a few weeks ago.

Pocket Black KJV: Everybody talks about the KJV one way or the other, so I decided to get myself one. For a while, it rode around in my brother's car. Now, it is my bedtime Bible. It sits on the file cabinet beside the radio. I recently found myself in Nehemiah...again :) Love that book.

Parallel Bible: I bought this at Borders earlier this year because I started up Bible study with my UBF Bible teacher again and needed an NIV. This parallel Bible has NIV/NASB/KJV/NLT. It's very handy as a reference tool, but a little heavy to lug around. I've started studying Psalms in the morning with it. I've so far refrained from writing in this one, though I have done some color-coding with highlighters in Ephesians.

Pocket Black/Grey NIV: Well, the parallel Bible is handy, but not extremely portable. I caved in and finally bought a small NIV. Yay! Have yet to read from this one. I'm saving that for Wednesday when I have Bible study in Genesis.

I think that covers all of them, but chances are that I missed one...


ESV Study Bible. Yeah :)

A Bible with large blank margins and paragraph-style text. A friend of mine had one in Bible study at grad school, and I always thought it looked lovely the way it laid open and invited one to read.

Of course, if I could learn Biblical Hebrew and Greek, then I would love to have Bibles in the original language.

If I ever do learn another language somewhat decently, it would be great to have an English/foreign language Bible. I can get that online, but there's nothing like taking the nearest pen and filling every millimeter of open space with notes.

In the end, it's not the binding or the size or the font or the notes that make the Bible. It's the words of God. They are the very words of God! Praise the Lord for speaking to us! May He give us ears to hear and hearts to understand. Amen.
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