Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Enemies and Friends

Do not hate one's enemies. One the one hand, I understand and I do this. I've seen enough war movies to learn that the man fighting on the other side could very well be someone you care for. Who knows, in other circumstances, that enemy could be a very close friend.
Circumstances. Enemies.
I know these things, and yet I treat good people like an enemy everyday by causing them grief and miscommunicating. I complain to others about problems they can't change. It only makes those around me feel bad. I tell my family about people who have yelled at me. All I am doing, really, is yelling at them. It does no good. Why do I keep beating up on those closest to me? Maybe I know not to hate my enemy, but I need to learn how not to hurt those I love. A good starting point.
Tags: serephes journal, sin

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