Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Sin - with me or against me

I always seem to do my own thing; and then pray once in a while to sort of check in. I daydream and ignore the religious in pursuit of strange interests. I never seem to blend the two, yet I expected to be both amused by my interests and saved by my religion simultaneously. In a way, it sounds normal and acceptable. However, one is either within sin or within Grace and there really isn't an 'in-between.' Rather than flipflopping on a see-saw and wasting all my energy, I want to try to work harder at digging out of sin. Even though I knew it to be such, I never saw sin as a 'state'... at least, not that I'd be in. But I can't be free of sin and ignoring God at the same time. Sin is being separated from God, after all! And that means everything.
Tags: god with us, serephes journal, sin

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