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Having too much fun at the Museum

Well, I worked at the museum today and I must say that cold weather has to make people crazier! The museum director and I were sitting around shivering and reminiscing over memories from the summer. It was really funny! Like the time when the old woman addressed us as we delivered letters: Hello Gary [Parks, museum director]! Hello...girl! Megan: ~_~ We laughed about forever just because we remembered the tone of her voice!!... hello...GIRL!! lolol

After being cold for a while, my Mr Parks made us some tea and then we went on to finish the newsletter. That required looking up information and running about for accession numbers for new additions to the museum collection - the hat, the stoneware or the tote bags? O.o There is soooo much old stuff in that office...oh my! I have trouble even getting from one side to the other!!! That makes it fun, though! I like looking through all the old photograph books and the Victorian etiquette book - oh thats a fun one!! I learned that if you were eating at a nice meal back then: if you happen to find hair or a bug on/in the dish, you must quietly place it aside without causing a scene. So, ah, those weevils can just ah go over here >.< ewwws lol

ADDITION: 1/13/04: The craziness continued Tuesday when my boss and me washed up old dishes from lunches at the museum ( I didnt know that washing and cleaning was museum work O.o) and he "accidentally" sprayed me with water...followed by a scene where we were both attacked by falling pine needles from above the Eli Slifer portrait! Museums just shouldn't be that crazy!! lol

Anyone in the Lewisburg area of Pennsylvania should stop by the Slifer House Museum for a tour!! :D I am on duty during summers and can give you a tour!! ^__^

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