Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Three Values

There are three things that seem to shape my ideal world. Arts, learning, and law. The arts include both the creation of the arts and the appreciation. Arts encompasses paintings, plays, music, literature, sketches, photography, film, whatever it may be. Beautiful things were given in creation and so men take these and reform them in different, unique representations. This is art. Then, learning and teaching of wisdom is key. Sharing of information, memories, ideas - these may seem to be just a passing comment, but with accumulation, they are powerful and wonderful. Finally, law and order are the protection of the former two, and that which reforms and corrects. With these three, a person is truly respectable.

So why is it that I feel so alone?

[My Aug 19, 2010 reply to myself: Because you know about God, but you do not know God. See this post from 6/25/2010.]
Tags: art, beauty, god with us, info arch, oracular, saturn, serephes journal, truth

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