Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Busy - and missing the point

[By the light of a full white moon]
A father left a child for a time, and the child was very sad to see the father go. Missing the father, the child stood by the door day after day waiting for Him. But, after a time, the child grew weary and distracted. He became absorbed in hobbies and soon forgot about his father. The father never forgot him, however. When the father returned, arms open to embrace His child, He finds him busy at games. The child says to Him, "Give me a minute, I am in the middle of something. I will come greet you when I am ready."
This kind of attitude is all too easy to fall into.

Or say, for example, that the father gives the child a task to do before He goes. He knows that the child can do much good while He is away, so He sends him off to do work. If the child works at these, but does not finish them before the father returns, the child should not feel guilty. Even though the child may feel he has failed by not finishing it, shouldn't he be joyful that the father has returned?
After all, where do the tasks end?

A child years to grow up, and then as an adult longs to live a satisfying life. After this, he may have children and his thoughts in later years will be on his children, his grandchildren, great-grandchildren....Where does it end? It's not for us to worry about deadlines. If we work with the heart of the Father, we do good work because He alone is good. Nothing is finished in us - but ends and beginnings come from the Lord and His Law. We are merely scenes in the picture - artistic pieces that God, Himself, has formed. He loves us, why else would He have sent His son? Creation sings His glory everyday. So why do we feel so tied to such empty pursuits and the need to 'prove' something. Everything is already finished, already proven - we need only seek that out.
Tags: god with us, salvation, serephes journal

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