Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

True Wisdom - on a true return, you find you never left

A few years ago, I did all I could to go find wisdom. I went overseas, I studied theories. The answer was right in front of me! It sat dusty on my bookshelf. Why was I looking so hard for it when the answer was so easy?
Why? Well, I assumed I already understood it. It's dangerous to skim over truth and assume you 'get it' all. I found this to be true also with literature essays. Though the topic seemed straightfoward and to the point, there was always more to find...more connections to make..more questions to raise and then explore... Viewing art is the same way! We glance over it and think, ah, nice. We haven't even begun to understand it! Where's the hidden composition, or the manipulated balances unnoticed? So many people I know seem to feel that my faith is based on simplistic themes. If they looked again, maybe they would find more?
In the end, my answer was to learn 'thanksgiving.' Since realizing this, I have changed amazingly. Still, I have a long way to go. Therefore, I go back and study Psalms - I need to learn the language of prayer and praise, as I'd taken both for granted, even now. I am still working.
Tags: bible, psalms, serephes journal

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