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Snow is falling snow on snow

Actually, the wind is blowing the snow all over the place!! The temperature is supposed to drop below zero wind chill tonight O.o It makes me cold just thinking about it!! >< Of course, because the weather is like this, you know that it is the week of the Pennsylvania Farm Show!! lol! They always have the worst weather for the farm show. Not that I am a farmer but I am stuck here in PA so I hear about this stuff :p The horses they race around arepretty though. I like horses but not enough to work with them, own them, or think about them a lot. I can ride them though ^.^

Anyway, this wintery weather puts me in the mind/mood to read a book ^____^ Which though: Master and Commander or the Illiad?? Shall I go with the sailing world or the war-ing world? hmmm^^

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