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Wycliffe IT Missionary

This past week, I began exploring an organization called Wycliffe Bible Translators. In particular, I've begun getting acquainted with their IT service opportunities. I found one type of job that sounds incredibly enjoyable and a nice fit with my experience and personality. More exciting, though, is what this work would be supporting and accomplishing.

In a sense, I feel as though this is exactly what I have been looking for my entire life. The word of God brings such joy to my heart, and it would thrill me to be involved in work that enables the word of life to be spread among people who have never heard it before. Also, since I'm not tied down to a particular house, city, job, or relationship, I feel completely open to whatever path the Lord may lay before me. At the same time, I feel like I need to give this idea plenty of time to settle in my heart and in my head. I know myself - and I know that when I start something new, I dive in the deep end. I want to be sure that if I make a decision, that I "count the cost." Luke 14:28-30

In all honesty, right now I feel that there are two main barriers standing in my path. First, the fact that I cannot easily leave my current job. In a way, this is in itself perfect, as it gives me the gift of time to prayerfully consider these things. The other issue that is rather intimidating is the logistics. The idea of living as a supported worker is a new concept for me and kind of baffling, but I plan to take my time learning more about it and talking to some people about it.

IT Missionary. I must say, it has a beautiful sound to it :)

The Lord is sovereign and everything is under His control. I willingly come before Him saying, "Lord, here I am. Your will be done!"
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