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Grocery market, Work news, Travel plans

Yesterday I stopped at the corner grocery store and bought: 1 loaf whole grain bread, 1 package of bagels, 1 box of mac & cheese mix, 3 yogurt, 1 package of salami, a box of Lady Grey tea, 1 coconut popsicle, a bag of pretzels, applesauce, and a package of oreo cookies. This complements the PA-grown corn, broccoli, green beans, and meat in the freezer, a closet full of potatoes, and a fridge with cream cheese, juice, jelly, and PA-canned peaches. I'll wait for the weekend open air market to pick up fresh fruit.

I was pleasantly surprised that my brother's birthday packet arrived only two days after I mailed it from here. Wow! He liked the Yoda card that was included - I must say, it was pretty cute :3

In other news, we're planning for my holiday trips home and I'm considering a trip to NC sometime within the next few months to check out JAARS. My move to another cubical went very smoothly yesterday - I think I've developed a system for moving from cube to cube, since I've done that 3 times within the past 5 months. The Lord was kind and enabled me to attend a Sibbes Reading Aloud session in the morning before work. We heard Sibbes' last sermon, delivered in 1635, I think it was. The topic of the message was: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me [Jesus]." found in John 14:1

I hope the day is going well for you all - and if not, I hope it improves :) God-bless!
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