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Guidance questions

I found this from 2007 and thought it was highly relevant for today's decision making :)

My decision: what to do regarding my job and a consideration of missions?

I could list all my possibilities. I could share my secret desires. There's a lot that could be said and it is all scribbled in blue pen in the back of my decision making notebook. In my case, though, I have identified only one determining criteria and I will seek to find the option that meets this criteria: Where will I be most able to contribute to my God's will of goodness and kindness?

Alternate facets:
Where will I best commend the Gospel?
Where will I most grow in love for the Lord?
Where will I most grow in holiness?
Where will I best support the Kingdom of God?

Praise God that the path of life is not a puzzle of temporary landmarks, but a pilgrimage to eternal life with God!

Now, it's time to sit back with the Tyndale New Testament translation, a tall glass of water, and a nice relaxing assortment of doboy music. "I forgot that I might see / so many beautiful things!"
Tags: decision making, decisions, early english bibles, path, questions

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