Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

What kind of Lord?

What kind of Lord is Jesus, the Christ? This is a list of characteristics that come to my mind.

One who humbly came to dwell with His people (John 1:14).
One who mourned at the loss of his friend (John 11:35).
One who talked as kindly with religious individuals (John 3:1) as to individuals living sinfully (John 4:18).
One by whom creation was made (John 1:3).
One who healed the broken (Matthew 15:30).
One who blessed the humble (Mark 10:16).
One who condemned the proud (Mark 12:12).
One who knew the heart of a man (John 2:24).
One who forgave sins (Matthew 9:6).
One who prophesied (Matthew 10:33-34).
One who prayed for Himself and others (John 17).
One who was hungry (Matthew 21:18).
One who was thirsty (John 19:28).
One who suffered pain at the hands of men (John 19:1).
One who suffered pain at the hand of God (Mark 15:34, Job 13:15).
One who paid taxes (Matthew 17:27).
One who celebrated festivals (Luke 22:12).
One who was familiar with the Jewish Bible (Mark 12:26).
One who taught in synagogues, from boats, and on mountainsides (Luke 4:16, Luke 5:3, Matthew 5:1).
One who was praised by crowds (Matthew 21:9).
One who was despised by crowds (Luke 23:21).
One who was abandoned (Mark 14:50).
One who was sought out (Matthew 15:22).
One who died (Luke 23:46).
One who rose from the dead (John 20:19).
One who made promises (John 4:14).

A chapter on the topic: The Ruler of the Waves by J C Ryle
Tags: books, jesus

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