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Light at work

Today my co-worker and friend invited me to grab a coffee before getting started on the day's work. I happily agreed. As I hadn't reached my desk yet, I still had my big blue-leather Bible under one arm as I stood in the line for latte. I excitedly told me co-worker about my recent highlighting study and she was curious to see what words were highlighted orange. We took a quick look into it and she later said, "You should get a church job."

"I'm thinking about applying to become a missionary next year," I replied. She didn't seem extremely surprised - which kind of surprised me! Does the fact that I wall-paper my cube wall with Bible references and Tabernacle maps give my heart away?

Later, another co-worker and friend of mine let it slip that yesterday was her birthday. Since she refused to be embarrassed around the others, I took a tip from a lady that I knew in College Park and surprised her at lunchtime. I got a small round plate, put two strawberries on the top, a half ring of melon around the bottom, and a piece of pineapple for the nose to make a lovely fruit smiley face. Then, I snuck into her cube area while she was busy on the phone (and thus unable to protest) and delivered the happy dessert :) She was very amused! It's such a joy to see my co-workers in good humor. Sweeter than honey, really.

I've also begun to get more frequent requests to edit non-work documents outside of the office as well requests for prayer. What a blessing! I am so glad that I can serve in little ways like these :)

I'm hoping to meet up with a missionary this week and to hear back from the elder that I emailed late last week. Lord-willing, I may soon take the first step in submitting my request for an application for IT mission work. I'm absolutely thrilled!
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