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Gettysburg ni kaerimashita

Gettysburg ni kaerimashita. Asoko de sunde imasu. Watashitachi no uchi no namae wa "Nihon uchi". Laura-san to Sylvia-san mo asoko de sunde-imasu. Uchi de, takusan manga to anime to konpyuuta to bideo geemu ga arimasu. Ichiban suki na bideo geemu wa The Legend of Zelda: Ocaina of Time desu, demo, Gettysburg de N64 ga arimasen.

Kono hen ni wa, hitotsu no nihon no restaurant wa Ping's Cafe desu. Oishii sushi ga arimasu. ^_^ Sushi ga suki desu ka?

My Japanese is so bad right now O.o I better practice more for tomorrow!! ^^ Yonezawa sensei will be disappointed otherwise!

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