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The Christian Sailor (song)

I stumbled on this today while working on a project:


What vessel are you sailing in?
Pray tell to me its name?
Our vessel is the ark of God,
And Christ, the captain's name.

O hoist every sail to catch the gale,
Each sailor plies his oar,
The night begins to wear away,
We soon shall reach the shore.

And what's the port you're sailing for,
Pray tell to me straightway?
The heaven of heavens--it is our port,
The realms of endless day.

Our compass is the sacred word,
Our anchor blooming hope,
The Son of God our main top-sail,
And faith our cable rope.

Then are you not afraid some storm
Your bark will will overwhelm?
You need not fear, the Lord is near,
Our Father's at the helm.

The sun is up, the clouds are gone,
The heaven's above are clear,
The city bright appears in sight,
We're getting round the pier.

We've looked astern, and many a storm
The Lord has brought us through,
We're looking now ahead, and lo!
The land appears in view.

Heave out your boat--I'll go along,
If you can find me room.
There's room for you, for all the world,
Make no delay to come.

And when we all are landed safe
On that celestial plain,
Our song shall be, Worthy the Lamb
For rebel sinners slain.

Andrews, Printer, 38 Chatham St, N. Y., Dealer in Songs, Games Toy Books, Motto Verses, &c., Wholesale and Retail.

America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets
Digital ID: sb10048a
Tags: christian, history, music, sailing

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