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Submission or Resistance?

Everybody has a unique personality. Mine happens to be very flexible, easy to please, timid, and submissive. Some of these aspects are very good, while some are simply unhelpful and perhaps even unhealthy.

A side note on handling such matters -
When I was working on that Japanese translation at Gettysburg College, I came across a word that had no clear equivalent in English. If I remember correctly, the word referred to the feeling that some evil or gloom was clinging to a person like an evil spirit. A few months later in grad school outside the Hornbake Building, I was thinking to myself - if evil is clinging to my back like a backpack, and the sword of God's wrath is about to be thrust upon me, is there any way to separate myself from that clinging evil to avoid death? [Yes, praise Jesus!] In matters of myself and sin, I need to carefully listen to God's word and allow it to divide "soul and spirit" (Hebrews 4:12) and to divide my sin from my soul. I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, as they say, but I also don't want to be found with sin clinging to my soul in the face of my Holy Redeemer.

So, in this matter of my passive personality, I need to carefully consider which aspects of it are in accordance with God's word and which are not. I need the Physician to carefully cut the cancer out from the healthy flesh. So, where do I need to draw the line with regards to submissiveness and passivity in my life? let's take a lookCollapse )
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