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Peruvian concert, volunteer work, fozen yogurt

This evening after work, I went to a Peruvian concert with a co-worker. It was so much fun! I loved the style of the music - it was both lively and refreshing. There were also dancers who performed throughout in a variety of dance styles. Their clothing was beautiful and the dances were wonderful. I did a little dancing at the end when everyone was invited to stand and dance, but only after the repeated waving of my co-worker from the foot of the stage :) On the way home, my co-worker told me that she knows how to dance in the style that I loved most of all - so I am really excited to find out more about this... It was a great time and I'm really glad that I went! But now I find myself chomping at the bit to pick back up where I left off in Gen. Pettigrew's book on Spain and to practice Spanish.

In other news, I'm volunteering on a project related to software evaluation. I'm quite excited to be able to help out and am very eager to see how the project will go. So far, I'm off to a gradual, but steady start.

And to close, I must note that frozen yogurt has become a new favorite of mine. I couldn't resist getting some on the way home. Yum!
Tags: art, books, dance, food, friends, language, music, spanish, technology, work

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