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Quick news

-I may be headed home again. We're still facing quite a lot of "hill difficulties"

-I got a book at Sunday evening service - my first one. Yay! Every Sunday evening, the pastor hands out some books to those who want them for free. Sometimes, there are quite a lot of hands raised to receive a certain book. Pilgrim's Progress and the ESV Study Bible tend to get a lot of interest. The books range a variety of topics, from "Why do bad things happen" to personal holiness. The book that I eagerly waved my hand for is called Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die.

-I am excited to get a copy of the latest restoration of Metropolis (1927). It comes out next week. I read a little of the novel today and found myself eager to track down a copy for myself to scratch notes in.

-Saw the doctor today and get a glaucoma check later this week.
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