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Son-Mediator, Metropolis

While the novel Metropolis by Von Harbou is a bit bizarre, I love it. I love the character of Josaphat and his human sincerity. I love the raw descriptions, the artistic snatching of emotion. I love the closeness of the walls, the distance of the skies, the smell of the smoking machines. I love the picture of Freder, the son-mediator - the only son of the only Master of Metropolis. One day, his peaceful pleasure in the Club of the Sons is interrupted by a crowd of grey, dull children led by a strange young woman.

She released the children and stretched forward her hand, motioning towards the friends and saying to the children:

"Look, these are your brothers!"

And, motioning towards the children, she said to the friends:

"Look, these are your brothers!"

She waited.

I feel the wretchedness of 11811 before his machine in the revolutions of my excel spreadsheets. Am I nothing more than living food, like he? The seconds, the minutes crush past, tearing away heart and mind with them. 11811's prayers are broken, twisted, for he knows not how to pray. But then I see a strange thing. I see one in white silk, one from above, catching 11811 as he falls and taking his place at the machine.

"We shall now exchange lives, Georgi. You take mine, I yours."

And the mediator takes his stand at the machine, suffering the load, bearing the weight, and interceding on behalf of 11811. He does it to make a number his brother, to raise him from the depths of hell to the heights of glory where his father dwells.

"Won't you understand me?" asked Freder. "Why do you look at me with such stern eyes? You wish me to be a mediator between Joh Fredersen and those whom you call your brothers. . . . There can be no mediator between heaven and hell who never was in heaven and hell. . . ."

I want to read it again. Guess I had better buy a copy! :)
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