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More manga, college update, various

I studied some today and drew some today.

I did my emerald, crystal, and opal picture. In the opal one Yukio has his head bowed - which is the only cover is which someone's face is hidden. That's not without reason - this is the part where they are left to wander and Yukio looses much of his eyesight. The Noh masks always freaked me out too, so I choose those to highlight the despair of this section.

The latest on the manga color covers - all but one of the first nine done.

My courses are gonna be so rough this semester. I have a TON of reading and busywork along with other huge amounts of stuff to do and long papers etcetc ;_; I am pretty....nervous....I will manage as best I can. I can always drop a course if need be, I guess. But as for today I am wasting my time drawing ^___^ That's as a trat to myself after nearly getting frostbite from my observation of the Sentinel a big and ugly rock-brick thing that they call art. >.< I had gloves but even with them my one set of fingers went totally numb and hurt a long time till they finally warmed up and got blood in them O.o Stupid sculpture >.< teehee ^_^ Why can't we study the fine art of manga? XDXD
Tags: art, color, schoolwork, stones, stories

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