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My friend and I travel around DC

My friend Michael visited DC with me two Sundays this month. We had a lot of fun and he took some nice pictures from our adventures.

This is Union Station. I used to pass through here twice a day on my commute. This is where Michael arrived on Sunday morning. We walked from here to church.After church, we stopped by the Capitol to get a photo. *waving hello* Usually there are a lot more people here, but December has been rather cold and so not too many people were walking around.
This is the building that my friend is working on. It is really nice. The materials are beautiful and the style is clean. I love the red color at the entrance.The building looks even prettier in the white snow. Let it snow! Let is snow! Let it snow!
(Well, maybe not quite as much as last year...)
This past Sunday, we visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Musuem. We saw many interesting things. Here we were talking to the astronauts! (hehe, not really). Michael was able to touch a rock from the moon. When we left the museum the moon was almost full and shining very brightly. I pointed and said - look, you touched that! :DWelcome aboard!
I will be your stewardess today :) Well...maybe not. The inside of the plane looked very comfortable and reminded me of something that you might see in an Indiana Jones movie or a vintage travel poster. The cabin felt more like a European train than an airplane.
These are my new glasses. Do you like them?
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