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Christmas 2010 photos

Snowman cookie says, "Merry Christmas!"Dad and Mom are ready to celebrate the Savior's birth ♥

12/24/2010 - Christmas Eve. Shortly before leaving for the Christmas Eve service, we stood by the tree to get photos. Dad led the service - it was his first time being back at church since his staph infection. Matt read from the Gospel according to Luke and I read from Mark. Two other readers read from Matthew and John. We celebrated the Lord's Supper, sang many hymns, and learned why Jesus came. Praise the Lord for His great love and light.
12/25/2010 - Christmas morning. Many pretty presents wait quietly under the tree... We all slept in till around 9 am. We woke up and got ready just in time for Gram and Pap to arrive. A light snow was falling when their car pulled in the driveway.
My first present was a warm orange sweater. I love it!Matt got a nice white sweater. Ohhh, I think he likes it :]
We carefully open our next gifts... We are always attentive & diligent in what we do :) Mom told us that this gift was a fun one - old possessions that were found during some summer clean up around the house.
The House That Had Enough -- I had just been telling a friend about this book a few weeks earlier! I was going to read it, but then Matt opened his gift and distracted me...Hmmm....*strange look* I think Matt had forgotten about this book that his elementary school teacher made for him. It recorded his friend's names, his favorite things, and lots of other neat stuff. Fun!
Our next gifts were tucked in bags that played music and lit up. Entertaining! (Hermey is sticking up out of the bag - can you see him on the wrapping paper?)
I got a DVD that I wanted - yay!Matt got a CD - woohoo!
Pap loved his gift! It was a weight for him to use to gain back his strength since his back surgery last winter. He's using it every day now.
Pap also got a pedometer. He was very happy :)So is Gram!
Gram got a nice red winter sweater with three snowmen on it. It's cute! She wore it later that week when we all went to the Chinese buffet. It looked great.
Dad got a book about Civil War figures and their lives after the war. It looked really interesting. I think he's finished it already! I will have to ask him which person had the most surprising story.Mom also got a book - a book of promises in the Bible organized by various categories. I like reference books like these. I hope Mom does, too :)
I also got a calendar with Bible verses and photographs of God's beautiful creation. I really like it.
Matt got a calendar, too - a Flyers calendar :PI was curious to see it...
Next, Matt gave me a present. I couldn't wait to find out what it was. Matt wouldn't give me any clues, even when I kept on asking for one. When I opened the box, I finally saw was a Capitals hat! I absolutely love it. I had to put it on immediately :D Go Caps! What an excellent gift ♥
I gave Matt a board game that was played in ancient Roman times. It looked interesting, especially for a fan of Go. We tried it out after Christmas and of course...Matt beat me :p It's an interesting little game.
Mom got...a surprise! A tea mug, tea, and a little plaque with part of 1 Corinthians 13. Lovely! :)Matt and I got presents from Gram and Pap, too. What cute containers! We each got our favorite candy...
I was having fun......and Matt got a fun thing. It's a Zipper tie. It zips open/closed by pulling the tail of the short end of the tie (the end that hangs behind the large, front of the tie). Nifty!
Gram and Pap opened more gifts...candy and a Milton Historical calendar.
Minutes later, Matt opened The Hockey Book!
I got a nice Bible bag for church and Bible study. It's the perfect size and has a verse from Isaiah 58 on the front.I also got a cute top for work. Looks pretty!
While Matt opened his last gift, I balanced the box lid on my head and got hungry for lunch... :3

Thanks so much to my family for a wonderful Christmas (I love you!) I'll be writing more about the holiday later, but I just had to share the photos in the meantime :)

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