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From 2-9 pm today, I wrote mail and did laundry. Now I'm quite tired, but it feels so good to see everything neat, tidy, and stacked :)

Now my mind has that curious feeling that it gets when it overfills. It feels as though my mind will race itself to exhaustion if I simply relax, but that it's too cluttered to direct itself toward any meaningful, orderly activity. Caught in between, it feels the need to outpour itself in writing. Unwind. Or maybe I could practice Spanish...

Mis actividades habituales: (My habitual activities)
Trabajo. (I am working.)
Voy a la iglesia. (I am going to church.)
Platico con mi familia y mis amigos. (I am talking with my family and my friends.)
Leo la Biblia y otros libros. (I am reading the Bible and other books.)
Lavo la ropa. (I am washing laundry.)
Cocino los alimentos. (I am cooking food.)
Tags: adhd, chores

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