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Is one Bible enough, Megan?

That's a little snapshot of my Bibles. I count 14 there. I think I missed one or two...oops!

Megan, isn't that a little overkill? I mean, isn't one Bible sufficient?

Well, for me, yes and no :)

For starters, I have seven different compact Bibles. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I find it convenient to have a Bible stowed away in numerous locations for handy, immediate access. I keep one (the KJV) at my bedside. I keep another (the NKJV) at my desk at work. I have another handy in my bookbag (the NIV). I admit that I have no good excuse for having purchased the NLT, save only that it was quite cheap when I saw it and that I previously didn't own any portable paraphrase translations. The Reina-Valera is a new find. I got it for $2 at the local used bookstore. I figured it would be good to have on hand as my understanding of Spanish grows. The final one on the list is my Tyndale translation. I bought it mainly for it's intriguing history and character, but I absolutely love the way that it feels in my hand when I pick it up. Of the New Testament's that I own, it's my favorite. It's perhaps not the best to have stored for strategic access - since it lacks the OT and uses an older style of the English language - but I love it and try to make as many excuses as possible to carry it with me and use it. It's exciting to show to others and pleasant to read in quiet solitude.

Then, I have two study Bibles. One is a traditional study Bible. It was my first Bible as an adult and it holds a dear place in my heart. The Gospel of Matthew is heavily color-coded, some passages are dated according to when they made some impression on me, fulfilled prophecies are stared, and there are plenty of bookmarks stuck in throughout. Years ago in my writing days, I had a character named Aodh who had a Bible which was worn with use, stuffed with notes and pens, and was falling apart at the seams. I think this Bible is on the way to someday being that well loved. Whether I sit at a desk or on the sofa, it's a hearty and stalwart companion for study.

My other study Bible is relatively new, but it's a facsimile of one that's really old. While the KJV was called "The Bible without notes" the Geneva Bible was known as the "Bible with notes." I admit that I probably didn't have to have this one, but I was really curious to explore the content of the notes, diagrams, and all the other material in this very old study Bible. It feels great to sit at home in a cozy place with the huge Geneva Bible open on my lap, reading through the old text as though it had just come off the press.

I guess of all the Bibles, my parallel editions have the least amount of justification going for them. Can I say that I was just curious? Currently, I'm focusing mostly on Spanish and a little Russian but someday, I hope to know enough of all of these languages to be able to read basic texts. I find that reading in another language can be extremely helpful in providing insights into phrases that I take for granted, having heard them so often in my native tongue. It can also be refreshing and helpful for noticing repetition and other literary tools.

So there you have it. I find it helpful and fun to have a lot of Bibles, but in the end - the word is the same :) Praise God for giving us His word!

My inventory:

Study Bibles
Bible (Notes, English: NKJV)
Bible (Facsimile, English: Geneva, 1560)

Parallel Bibles
Bible (Parallel, English: NIV-NASB-KJV-NLT)
Old Testament (JPS)
New Testament (Parallel, English: KJV - Russian: Synodal)
New Testament (Parallel, English: NIV - Spanish: NIV English)
New Testament (Parallel, English: ? - Croatian)

Handy Bibles
Bible (Compact, English: NLT)
Bible (Compact, English: NIV)
Bible (Compact, English: NKJV)
Bible (Compact, English: KJV)
Bible (Compact, Spanish: Reina-Valera)
Bible (Notebook, English: NIV)
New Testament (Facsimile, English: Tyndale, 1526)
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