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Birthday 2011

My birthday celebrations in 2011 were quite fun.

Jan 28 was a blessed day for me this year. I started off the day in the usual manner and then opened up the front door to head to work. I was caught by surprise by an unexpected bag looped around the outside door handle. I peeked up and down the courtyard to see if anyone could be seen scurrying away, but I didn't see anyone. I picked up the bag and took it along with me to work.

I arrived and was greeted by another surprise at my cubical:

Woah! There's a fiesta at my cube!! I was so touched as I poked at the balloons, opened the lovely cards, and checked out the gift that they had kindly given me - a pink snuggie (lol)! My co-workers are very kind, God-bless them. I was very happy as I sat down to log into my workstation. Then, I finally had a chance to open up the mysterious bag that had been left at my place. I found breakfast and a card inside from my small group Bible study leader - how lovely! I enjoyed the banana nut muffin, grapes, and tea as I read many kind messages that arrived by email from friends near and far.

At lunchtime, some co-workers came along with me to celebrate my birthday and another co-worker's birthday. I heartily enjoyed the pad thai as everyone chatted cheerfully in the warm little restaurant. The birthday ladies even received free dessert. It was something like flan with a chocolate drizzle over the top and a candle. It was delicious.

I went back to work feeling quite festive. Later during the afternoon, one of my co-workers came and asked for some assistance. I was curious to know what was up...but as we walked toward the small conference space, I grew suspicious... "Happy Birthday!" they cheered as I came around the corner with a big smile. I'd never had an office birthday here before - how nice! A bunch of folks came over to munch on ice cream cake and chat a bit. (I love ice cream cake - I have no idea how they read my mind on that one.)

That evening, I called family in other states to say hello and catch up on all the latest news. It was relaxing and very nice to talk to everyone again. By the end of the day, I was tired from all the celebrations, but very, very happy.
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