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Prophets in the days of Jehoiada

God sent a number of prophets during the days of Jehoiada. Some were sent with instruction, others with corrections, and some with announcements.

The LORD sent "Shemaiah the man of God" to King Rehoboam and the people to command them not to attack Israel after they rebelled. They obeyed this word of the LORD. (2 Chronicles 11)

The LORD sent "Shemaiah the prophet" again to King Rehoboam and the princes of Judah to deliver this message: "You have forsaken Me, and therefore I also have left you in the hand of Shishak." After hearing the message, they humbled themselves before God and said that the LORD was right. God showed them mercy by granting them some deliverance. (2 Chronicles 12)

The LORD sent "Azariah the son of Oded" with words of encouragement and guidance to King Asa and the people. King Asa took heart from these words, removed idols from Judah and Benjamin, repaired the altar of the LORD, and made a covenant to seek the LORD. (2 Chronicles 15)

"Hanani the seer" came with a rebuke for King Asa's failure to rely on the LORD as well as a prophecy about future wars. King Asa was very angry and imprisoned Hanani. (2 Chronicles 16)

"Micaiah the son of Imla" was summoned to advise the kings of Israel and Judah regarding battle against Ramoth Gilead. He delivered the message that the LORD had given him and told them how the LORD had allowed a lying spirit to speak through the false prophets before king Ahab. King Ahab ordered that Micaiah be thrown into prison. (2 Chronicles 18)

"Jehu the son of Hanani the seer" met King Jehoshaphat with a rebuke from the LORD after the king returned from battle with king Ahab. Jehoshaphat's immediate response is not recorded. (2 Chronicles 19)

The LORD filled "Jahaziel the son of Zechariah" with instructions and encouragement for the people and King Jehoshaphat. They worshiped the LORD and obeyed His word. (2 Chronicles 20)

"Eliezer the son of Dodavah of Mareshah" later delivered a rebuke and a prophesy to King Jehoshaphat. (2 Chronicles 20)

"Elijah the prophet" sent a letter to King Jehoram with a rebuke and prophecy of coming trouble for the king and his nation. King Jehoram is not said to have humbled himself and the disaster came as it was foretold. (2 Chronicles 21)

The LORD was merciful and sent His word to guide His people. He taught them the right way. He was faithful in providing His word. Am I faithful in receiving it? Do I receive the correction that He provides, or do I "lock the prophets in prison" and ignore the LORD? May I always continue to approach the Truth and allow it to cleanse me.

A very brief overview of the period (King Rehoboam - King Joash)

We don't know exactly when Jehoiada was born, it was either shortly before or after the division of Israel after King Solomon's death. The twenty years following the rebellion were filled with war between Judah and Israel. King Rehoboam strengthened Judah by building fortified cities and appointing princes to them. Following him, King Abijah also grew mighty. The next forty years were ones of peace in Judah for the most part. The people built and prospered. King Asa commanded the people to seek the LORD and removed idols throughout the land. It was during these days that the people of Judah offered a great sacrifice to the LORD and took an oath to seek Him with all their heart and all their soul after He had delivered them from an attack by the Ethiopians. The next twenty-five years were ones of peace as King Jehoshaphat reigned. He strengthened Judah, sent teachers to teach the law of the LORD to the people, appointed judges, and received much wealth and honor from other nations. King Jehoshaphat was the first to make peace with the kings of Israel since the rebellion. The following 16 years were ones of trouble in Judah. The next king did evil and the one who followed him reigned only one year. Some of the nations previously under Judah revolted, Judah was led astray to worship gods which are not gods, the Philistines and Arabians plundered them, and many (nearly all) of the royal house of Judah were killed. But one of the king's sons was saved and he was crowned king seven years later. At that time, Judah made a covenant with the king and the priest Jehoiada that they should be the LORD's people.

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