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Snow, sleet, and stuff

Monday, January 26th, 2004.

1:15 am: Sat in bed and watched the snow fall. It was really comin' down. And it was really pretty with the lights shining on it. Some bits on the ground even seemed to twinkle. There's nothing better than enjoying such a beautiful sight to the sound of techno music \^.^/

7:05 am: Woke up and wondered if it was time to get up. I am still thinking as if it is last semester when I had to get up at 7 for CompSci. O.o Went back to bed.

8:00 am: Alarm went off and I dutifully got out of bed. Got ready, went to the library for my 9-10 work hour and not one of mt three bosses were there. I waited ten minutes, gave up, and went outside where it was sleeting...

9:10: am
-got my new ID card (my old one had snapped in half from the cold).
-decided to go to Schmucker Hall and wait for my 10 am art hist class rather than walk through the snow bank to get back to the apartment O.o.

9:35 am: HEAVEN CAME DOWN!!! and glory shown around XDXD CLASS CANCELLED! I don't have to see my punknage art prof till Wednesday!! buahahaha

10:02 am: Fully enjoying my time off by posting here! *huggles lj*

What more will come today? :D Time will only tell ^___^

(Maybe I will play soem Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis game now that I downloaded SCUMM to allow me to hear the background music for the game [the game is sooo old that it wont work right on Windows 98 or above without SCUMM and even then my game still has no dialogue. But at least it has music ^_______^] That is one of the BEST GAMES EVER - lol! It ranks up there with tetris and Zelda! Any game that makes you wanna learn history is amazing XD Wow yeah, all this talking about it makes me wanna play!!!)

Addition: Actually I worked on my Croatian memories webspace O.o Of all things!? lol Oh well - you can find it here
Tags: artifacts, day, time, video games, weather

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