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Prophecy: looking forward from behind

My last post brought to mind a question that's been on my heart.

I usually view Old Testament prophecies from a present perspective. It's amazing to look back and see how God has been faithful to keep His promises concerning the good news of salvation. At the same time, this approach now leaves me feeling like I'm still hungry. I'm hungry for solid food (1 Corinthians 3:2).

I want to take another approach to Old Testament prophecy.

Rather than looking backward, I want to look forward. I want to find the tents of Abraham and look up at the heavens above in wonder. I want to visit Job as he wrestles in the dust and ask him about the one he calls Redeemer. I want to walk around the perimeter of the tabernacle as its white-sheet walls rustle in the breeze. I want to see the shining face of Moses. I want to stand in the halls of David the king and hear him sing Psalms in praise of the God who will not allow his "holy one to see corruption." I want to see the Christ from their eyes - looking forward.

The Bible seems to cry out to me, "Come and see!" (Psalm 66:5, John 1:46)
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