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After a wonderful day yesterday, I am all hyper eating all my left-over candy canes and happily making ice-green-tea. I am getting some of my stuff together and studying my chemistry as well. It is just me in the room - Jacki my roomate left an hour or so ago. She is great, but I enjoy having the nice and quite room to myself!! Random music and no TNT reruns!! I should really get back to work.

Just in case: tomorrow I go home starting around 11 am, but we are stopping to visit my great grandmother, picking up a late X-mas gift for My brother, mom has an appointment at Hershey and then we are on the way home. I won't get back till...6? 7?

Who cares though. I am going home. Right now I am as content as is possible. I have my music, all this space and quiet in the chem studies are for the most part enough (since I was thinking ahead and started last Monday). It is - nice -
The temperature is pleasant and I am happy. Right now I don't even care about Christmas presents. (what is wrong with me!?)
Tags: aspergers, content, family, food, holiday, hyperactivity, music, schoolwork, solitude, space

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