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Sunday today

My body decided to act in a very contrary way today. Guh.

On the positive side, today's sermon was like fresh water to the thirsty soul. We meditated on the Lord, his appearance before the high priest, and what it means for him to return (Mark 14). I'm really looking forward to reviewing my notes and writing them out neatly for future meditation.

Finally, I recently began memorizing Habakkuk. Praise the Lord for His mercy in that! I'm up to about chapter 1, verse 8. I have a feeling that it will take a few weeks/months. I also want to reinforce the other passages that I memorized in the past by getting a new notebook to write out these Bible memorization passages for practice. In the future, if the Lord gives me the power to memorize the three chapters of Habakkuk, I'd love to tackle the memorization of Mark and/or Hebrews. Those will be long term projects, though.

As for now, I'm going to enjoy rest - a gift graciously given by the Lord.
Tags: bible memorization, health, mark, weekend

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