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Post-birthday weekend news.

Latest news on the end of my birthday week.
Laura and Sylvia took me to the Lincoln Diner for "birthday cheesecake", mom and dad come down today, and I found a new anime obsession.

Firstly, with the coming of mom and dad they brought me more food, the shoes for Rock's costume, the digital cam (with which we took pics of me in the Rock costume^^), and aid in such things as buying me new shoes. (I tried to hide the fact that my current sneakers were coming apart on the inside and had a large hole in the one side...O.o...but mom found out and made us all go shoe shopping ^_^ lol. It was fun. We got sushi for dinner and such fun things as those.

As far as the anime goes....Jess brought over DNAngel and we watched the first four episodes. I was curious about the one character because his short pale blue hair and glasses reminded me of my own favorite "ideal" manga creation of my own, Akitsugu.

The more I watched, the more I thought: this IS Akitsugu and I was just like: WAAIIII!! lol!! The series looks very cool and I can't wait to see more. I already got myself an icon and wallpaper ^^

I just can't believe how much Hiwatari resembles my Akitsugu ^.^ I love the cute and angsty anime bishounen ^.^ And Hiwatari is all intelligent and quiet but when he started switching into his angel form (angel of light) he just collapsed muttering about how cold he was... <:( Unlike the opoosing character, the protaganist named Niwa-kun who switches into his dark angel form upon an overwhelming feeling of love (for this girl who doesn't love him back but is kawaiiiii) - Hiwatari seems to have feelings of coldness or anti-love as his stimulus?? Interesting pretty to watch too, so I am all excited :3 My only question is: why can't life be as awesome and pretty as anime? :D ....I want a Hiwatari plushie.....
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