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This evening I rested. After cooking dinner (chicken, veggies, and baked potatoes) and washing the dishes, I spent the next two hours upstairs in my room listening to an artful CD and recording verses for Bible memorization and practice. My green Bible memorization notebook now contains: Jonah, Psalm 22, Psalm 23, Psalm 27, Psalm 1, Psalm 131, Psalm 133, Luke 1:67-79, Habakkuk, Psalm 150 (eng and sp), and Psalm 22 (ru). I don't have them all memorized yet, but they are the passages that I want to spend time on over the next few months. Psalm 150 was one that I happened to write out in Spanish one afternoon and nearly learned from looking up each word in the dictionary. Psalm 22 is one that I've listened to in Russian quite a few times, and so I can echo the first verse or so just from having heard it repeated so often. It reminds me of how I learned the Pledge of Allegiance as a kid - I didn't know all the vocabulary, but after having heard it time after time, I picked up the sound of the words.

The Cartographer album by ES Posthumus is wonderful! I can nearly see Habakkuk take his stand on the watchtower as the sun rises over the distant hills or see the shadow of the glory of God as He rises up to startle the nations. It's beautiful music. I'm so glad that I spent the money to get it. It's well worth the cost.

Despite being tired, I'm reluctant to stop the CD, close my notebook, and call it a night. I may not have been carefully studying the word or teaching or praying or doing anything particularly productive, but I enjoyed it as something greatly longed for. I hid myself in the precious words of God - simply enjoying them as I wrote them out by hand. If only every night were so!

One thing I desire of the LORD and I will seek it: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life to behold the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in His temple.
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