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When God is small

I'm looking forward to catching up on my chores so I can begin some new reading. Lately, I've been considering the beauty of fellowship with God and practical ways that I can give the LORD a larger portion of my heart. I'm eager to read through the book When People Are Big and God Is Small and to consider what other things may be crowding God out of my life.

The warning of King Saul has been extremely sobering. From the outset, he seemed like a very fine person; but his heart was revealed when spoke to Samuel and addressed God as "the LORD your God." No, I want to be like David, who said, "You are my God." May the Lord help me to set aside more time to quietly reflect on Him, to pray, and to read His word so I might find peace and joy in each day that He gives me.
Tags: bible people, books, fear, god, i samuel, prayer

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