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Back to the Fundamentals

Recently in the midst of a bunch of theological and doctrinal study, I've found myself running back to the word of God. I really like these quotes by Luther. Thanks so much for passing them along, Dad! :)

"The Holy Scriptures call for a humble reader who is reverent and trembles at the words of God, one who is always saying: 'teach me! teach me! teach me!'" -What Luther Says #2102, page 676, from Table Talk 4, #5017.

"I had hoped that people would henceforth get at Holy Scripture itself and let my books go by the board after they had served their purpose by leading hearts to and into Scriptures . . . Why make many books and yet forever stay outside the really principal Book? Come now, drink more of the spring itself than of the rivulets which have led you to the spring." -What Luther Says #350, pages 113-114, from a preface to a sermon on the rich man and Lazarus, 1522, from Luther's Works (St Louis) volume 14 page 456f.
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