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Riku-san desu!

You Are Riku Harada!
You're Riku

Which DNAngel Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wheee Jess linked me to this and sent me a picture she drew of me - I was so touched ^_^

I was up late last night watching my (yay I have it at last XD) episode (Ep. 4) of the D N Angel series - I watched it twice and then figured I should sleep instead of watching it There IS something wrong with the fact that I am twenty now and "squee"-ing over younger bishounen...but uh..hey it's all cool..or somethin' O.o

Jess, we MUST get plushies ^______^ But if we did, we would have to keep them seperated so they didnt attack one another ^.^
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