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Graduation pics

"Tree and flower and leaf and grass...""...Let them pass! Let them pass!"
"Hill and water under sky...""...Pass them by! Pass them by!"

We arrived just before noon. We went out for cheesesteaks and reuben sandwiches at a local restaurant
and then prepared for the main commencement ceremony. The Science department commencement was later that evening.

We cheered very loudly when we saw Matt cross the stage and pick up his diploma. Hooray!!!We cheered again at the Comp Sci ceremony the next day - woohooo yay!!!

Of course, at graduation time, many lovely photos must be taken! :3 Smile...*snaps photo*

ROOOAAARRR!!The RIT tiger let me sneak into a photo, too :)
Congrats, graduate Matt! :D
And now, Dad joins us! :)
And Mom joins us, too! :D

Well, after all the fun of commencement ceremonies, dinners out, photo shoots, and packing,
we hit the road Saturday afternoon headed home.

It was a beautiful evening for a drive.
We were enjoying the drive!
The rearview mirror caught me!The clouds were tipped in light as the sun sank.
At home, Matt enjoys some rest.:)
At church the next day, we got a photo of our family.It was so nice to celebrate with them all!

Happy Graduation, Matt :)

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