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Akkadian on Anki

After working, cleaning the living room, and doing a load of laundry, I was able to prop up on the sofa with my laptop for some fun.

This is the memory tool called Anki that my friend olifhar recommended. I'm using it to store vocabulary and phrases from the textbook that I've been studying - A Grammar of Akkadian by John Huehnergard. So far, I've only entered nouns into the system. For the nouns, I've created separate fields for the singular, dual, and plural forms as well as for the meaning, writing, and notes on gender. I found out that the gender of some Akkadian words can vary or in some cases, a word can be both masculine and feminine! I didn't bother to create additional fields for the cases (accusative and genative) because once one knows the gender, the cases are predictable (or so they seem at the moment). I think I'll save the verbs for tomorrow night :)
Tags: babylonian, books, language, technology

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