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CW practice

I've been trying to get into a more regular habit of listening to Morse Code, but it still isn't quite a "daily" activity. I am getting closer to that, though. On Friday night, I caught W1AW on 40 meters and did a little listening.

For the most part, I was just copying letters, pieces of words, and particles. It was not extremely encouraging. But then I finally managed to catch a whole sentence: "In 2011, i often hear a handful of signals, often up and down into the noise, and thats it."

I was so excited that I ran downstairs to show my roommates, but they had already turned in for the night. So I quietly crawled back upstairs and turned in myself. Growth in life doesn't seem to be so much a result of cramming or sprints, but a result of small, consistent, and patient movements in a certain direction. So it is with spiritual discipline as well, through the grace of God through Christ his Son. Praise God for the ability to learn and to grow in the midst of a fallen world that is constantly moving toward chaos.
Tags: cw, holiness

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